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Wool Felt Laptop Sleeve

Premium wool felt & upcycled leather for this everyday essential

Sharing our upcycling love, this 13″ laptop sleeve brings together the beauty and strength of wool felt with leather trim that we collected from our weekender and handbag production. We offer four different colors: Black, British Tan, Turquoise, and Coral. Every trim color is accented with a deep burgundy leather closure that is secured with an antique brass collar button. We reinforced the bottom with the same burgundy leather to ensure that your laptop protector lasts and ages in the way that only natural materials can and do. Enjoy!




Photo Gallery

British Tan Trim
British Tan Trim
Turquoise Trim
British Tan Trim
British Tan Trim
Turquoise Trim

Photos by Leah Shields

Product Care

Natural materials have a beautiful mind of their own, aging in ways that are never expected and beautifully unique.


We use full grain leather with a natural wax and oil finish. If you want to clean or condition it, please use a neutral product on a small area of the leather on the bottom of the bag to prevent color changes or staining. Please contact us if you have any questions or consult a local leather restoration specialist. 


We provide a breathable soy/bamboo packing bag with every purchase, which is great for storage and using as a reusable packing bag for each trip. We do not recommend storage in plastic bags or plastic bins. We also recommend storage in a place that does not receive lots of direct sunlight. 


We recommend a leather conditioning check at least once a year. You can visit a leather specialist in your area who can determine when and if a conditioning is needed at that time.

Kámen Road Values

We are committed to the principles and practices of sustainable business and slow fashion as an American travel and work bag collection. We source natural materials with fair trade partners. Each piece is inspected for quality.

Slow Travel

One-bag travel

Slow Fashion

Natural and long-lasting materials

Mission Driven

Small scale, American made

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