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We work to create opportunities with artists through design collaborations and artisans through special projects. We honor and support the work of artists, artisans, educators, activists, and writers. Learn more about the artists who inspire us below.

inside the coyote thunder field bag

Photo by Ron Fernandez

Obi Kaufmann

Obi Kaufmann is a wildlife painter and writer committed to conservation. Designed with Obi, our Coyote Thunder Field Bag was Kámen Road’s first artist collaboration.


obi kaufmann

Rodney Ewing

Rodney Ewing inspires us to see identity and history in how we relate to place and culture.


Rodney Ewing

Barbara Bryn Klare

Barbara Bryn Klare is an artist who uses discarded objects to create works of art. We continue to explore ways to collaborate with her on Kámen Road designs.


Barbara Bryn-Klare

Truong Tran

Truong Tran is a writer, teacher, and artist. His books of poetry are what we carry in our bags.


truong tran

Francis Mendoza

Francis Mendoza is a former park ranger, naturalist, and educator who advises us about nature, conservation, environmental justice, and indigeneity.


francis mendoza

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