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Kelly Lottahall: Illustrator & Sustainable Artist

I first saw Kelly Lottahall’s illustrations on social media through a local store in Oakland called Bella Vita. My heart nearly dropped when I saw one of her illustrations that featured a bag. Artists are so important, and her art really brings together my love of art and my love of bags. Interview by Kathleen Murphy.

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Q & A with Michelle Maryns

Meet Michelle Maryns and her commitment to entrepreneurs and congratulate her on the co-founding of her new social impact enterprise, Molly Fuller Design, an apparel company creating clothing for people with autism and sensory processing disorders.

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The Farm - Mendocino

In May, June, and July, I will be exploring the meaning of sustainable travel in places close to home while inviting founders of organizations to write about their sustainable travel mission. Today's blog is about The Farm in the town of Albion in Mendocino.

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