My Love Story - An Oleg Cassini Suit and a Quarter-Size Zip Pull

I was the only girl in my family of six. I loved "boy" clothes then. I love "boy" clothes now. My favorite hand-me-down was a maroon knit shirt with a round metal pull at the zipper. I felt like no one could stop me, and I'm sure that no one else had a shirt like mine.

Fast forward to my teenage years, and my most intense love was a kelly green Adidas long sleeve soccer jersey. A bit like the one below but add a white collar.

Fast forward to my first job interviews. I was an English major envious of all the art students who could paint and sculpt. I still had writing as a creative outlet and a love for clothes more quietly unique. Enter my Oleg Cassini double-breasted herringbone suit.

Here is where my love letter begins to honor the work of Fashion Revolution and their call for personal stories through their Loved Clothes Last fanzine. 

Suit, you made me feel like no one could define me. I didn't care if they wondered - worried - or hated that I chose to wear a suit made more for a man. I was in love with your herringbone weave in deep maroon (again). I could see your bold collar nearly hitting my shoulders when I answered their questions. I loved the four tortoise-shell buttons that wrapped the suit around me as I presented my worth to a panel of strangers.

Underneath the jacket, the pants were a perfect fit. The soft lined pockets were a comfort as I wondered why I just said that I liked to be precise with language -  Not truthful then; not true now.

Your style was loose and wide, so I could walk with very little stumble. I added a black flat, and I was gliding to every interview, mock interview, Myers Briggs Test session, resume writing workshop, and debrief drinks with friends.  

I have searched for you, but I can't find you. I have never been able to replace you, but, someday, I will find the perfect suit by the perfect maker.

You are part of something new now. I'm getting closer and closer to the right herringbone. I have found one with a similar weave to yours. It is the most beautiful yak, wool, and hemp blend. We know that this find will not last. They will not be making it again but I have found new possibilities. 

One amazing find is the Textile Lab out of New York. We will keep trying to bring to life your uniqueness that made me happy. Clothes can do that to you. We have work to do to make sure that what we love lasts and what we buy empowers the life of every person.


I would love to hear your story.

Check out how via Loved Clothes Last fanzine and maybe take some time to read the Fashion Revolution Manifesto this week. 

Have a great weekend!




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