April - The Month of Fashion Revolution, Earth Day, & Indie Bookstores

Hello all!

We're mid-way through April - that time for preparing for the new and spending more time sorting, cleaning, and decluttering. The rains have returned. Flowers are everywhere. Spring time seems here for the moment.

April is also a month of important international and national events for us. We want to share some key days and weeks that support ethical fashion, sustainability, writers, poets, and independent bookstores. 

April 23-29 is Fashion Revolution week - Learn more about the global movement that asks the question "Who Made Your Clothes" and established after the Rana Plaza factory collapse tragedy in 2013.

April 22 is Earth Day and a worldwide movement with local events rooted in a multi-year campaign to End Plastic Pollution. 

April 28 is Indie Bookstore Day. It's a Saturday. Right now, your local bookstore has activities in the works, like the "Quest for Independent Bookstores" in mine - connecting road trips and bookstores from Healdsburg to Santa Cruz, California. 

Writers and Poets

The common thread in all is our conscious decision to create connection to self, others, and place. We'd love to hear what you're doing this month. We are always looking for your one-bag travel stories - day trips, after work adventures, half-day discoveries, weekend aways, and long extended journeys.

Email us if you're interested in our Kámen Road challenge: Pack one bag -- only those items that you love -- Tell us about local finds, the people, and your unexpected discoveries along the way. A wonderful April to all!

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