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Founder's Statement

By Kathleen Murphy

I was born and raised in Santa Clara Valley (home of figs, apricots, and cherries) before it became the world tech capital, Silicon Valley. I loved exploring the open space of the Valley and the fruit orchards until we no longer had the land to explore. I was part of the housing and commercial development that changed everything.

kathleen murphy
I am trying now to reconnect with the farmers who work the land and the artisans who work with their hands in the United States. My job is to show what is possible in the bags that we carry every day through our slow fashion, slow travel, and slow food choices.

I am partnering with and learning from regenerative farming experts that allow Kámen Road to be a farm-to-fashion brand. For me, that means working to understand how best to use and protect the remaining land around us as consumers whether we live in a city, suburb, or rural community.

Through Kámen Road’s artisan and small scale manufacturing model, I also work to partner with skilled artisans in the United States who work specifically with leather and natural materials. Natural materials provide the beauty and longevity that I want for Kámen Road customers.

My goal is to source exclusively through members of the American Fibershed and other small farm producers by 2022. I am currently working to source regenerative leather from American farmers and from small, family-owned tanneries in the United States that use a vegetable-tanned process.

I believe that using the Fibershed as our primary supply chain can be an environmental and economic game changer.

I want to provide people with a bag-to-land collection that is created with the intention of ecological restoration while supporting artists and artisans in a deeply personal way.

Join us as we design, learn, experiment, and create beautiful bags and accessories for our lives and our travels. I welcome your ideas and opinions. Please sign up for the Kámen Road newsletter and reach out at any time, so we can find ways to support each other in the slow fashion, slow travel, and slow food journey.

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