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About Kámen Road

The Journey Behind the Bag

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Mission Statement

Our mission is one-bag travel.
We believe in the principles and practices of slow fashion and slow travel.
We choose natural materials over synthetics.
We design bags as a sustainable alternative to roller bags.
We believe in designing bags and accessories that can serve many purposes.
We reuse and donate all of our waste materials.

We believe in creating opportunities for artists and artisans.
We believe in artisan and small scale manufacturing in the United States.

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Our name comes from a visit to the Dívčí Kámen castle in the Czech Republic.


Kámen means stone in Czech.

Vision & Values

Slow Travel

Slow Travel follows practices that support local residents, local businesses, and the local environment. By supporting sustainable tourism, we believe that we can have a more positive impact on the places where we travel.

Slow Fashion

Slow Fashion uses manufacturing practices that support and value the individuals who make our products. Slow fashion defines excellence as high quality and long lasting over mass manufacturing and disposable.

Mission Driven

To be mission-driven is to make a commitment to the success and care of our partners and customers.

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Founder's Statement

Read Kathleen Murphy’s Story

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Sustainability Plan

Definitions of Kámen Roads Practices, Influences, Inspirations, and Goals

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Ethical Fashion

Natural materials are selected for our travel and work bags because of their durability, performance, and beauty.

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How We Give Back

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Spreading the Word

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